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A market leader in the Telecom Infrastructure space, Indus Towers has key differentiators.


3 out of every 5 calls in India are made through an Indus site. By offering the largest portfolio of towers in India and the widest coverage in India, our customers are empowered with a significant strategic advantage and a reduced time to market over others.


Our staff of 2,000 personnel across 15 telecom circles and over 30,000 managed outsourced professionals deliver operational excellence through continuous innovation, resulting in the coveted 6 Sigma (~100%) reliability in over 2,88,727 tenancies (As on 31 Dec, 2017).


24X7 network availability. Our breakthrough improvements in network availability, have cut down the time of non-usage from 210 minutes to just 19 minutes per site. Huge cost reductions are achieved through our energy efficient programs with added scale benefits. Our tower sharing slashes capex by 75%, giving more operators the viability to participate in India’s infrastructure build-out.


Indus has the largest portfolio of green sites among all telecom/tower companies. Our green initiatives include an impetus to reduce GHG emissions, the use of renewable energy sources to power telecom, green telecom equipment and green design of passive telecom sites. We at Indus remain committed to be socially responsible and deliver our services in an environmentally friendly manner.

Indus Advantage

  • Operational excellence
  • Green technologies
  • New energy solutions
  • Largest portfolio worldwide
  • Cost efficiency


  • To increase network up-time and operational efficiency
  • To reduce carbon emission and energy cost
  • To enable our customer with “speed to market” and the widest coverage in India
  • To lower costs
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Did You Know?
  • Indus' far-reaching
    footprint gives a
    fisherman in Kerala
    crucial real-time access
    to the best price for his
    perishable catch

  • Over 50,000 livelihoods
    have been generated
    by Indus Towers,
    additional spin-off jobs
    created by its network
    of vendors, customers
    and partners
  • Indus has saved
    India a spectacular
    US$3 billion in capital
    sharing telecom
  • Indus has made
    the mobile phone
    for India’s
    sabziwallah, coolie and
    milkman, increasing their
    earning potential manifold
  • Indus is bridging the
    rural-urban divide
    the small-time farmer
    in Uttar Pradesh gains
    access to a transparent
    market price and bigger
  • Indus’ TOC holds the
    potential to host a rural
    healthcare network
    help track immunizations
    or manage epidemics
  • Indus is affording the
    schoolgirl in Rajasthan
    the chance to use
    learning opportunities
  • Indus’ solar powered
    telecom towers
    leading the way for
    clean, low cost energy
    in india
  • Indus’ TOC can host
    key e-governance
    such as
    census profiling, tracking
    Unique Identity Database
    Numbers (UIDs) or the
    fair distribution of
    rationed items
  • Of every 5 calls made in
    India, 3 are made
    through an Indus site.




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