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iSmartCube is a unique single platform based workflow management system designed by Indus

This solution manages the entire flow from Service Required to Fulfillment. All the customer requests are taken on this web based portal, and processed till the time the site is delivered to the customer through the system. The system is designed for an end-to-end solution in delivering a site, from the very first step of accepting a requisition for a site. All customers place their requests through this online tool and can view and download reports, to monitor the progress of their site requests.

The process steps that this system caters to are the following:

  1. Site Requisition (Customer)
  2. Site Planning (Indus)
  3. Site Acquisition (Indus)
  4. Site Proposal (Indus)
  5. Service order (Customer)
  6. Deployment (Indus)
  7. Project Management (Indus)
  8. Quality Stages (Indus)
  9. RFAI (Indus)
  10. RFAI Acceptance (Customer)
  11. Ready for Service (RFS)

RFAI stands for ‘Ready For Active Installation’, i.e. when the operator can accept the passive infrastructure provisioned by Indus and proceed with installation of its ‘active’ electronics, such as a Base Station (BTS). For more information the user would be required to login to the system.

iSmartCube is integrated with various system or IT enterprise Architecture such as oracle, ToC, Remedy, etc.


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